Mission, Vision and Methods

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Our Mission

To reduce and eliminate Human Trafficking in our area  by:

  • raising awareness
  • fostering collaboration among like groups and organizations
  • education
  • equipping responsible adults with connections and resources available to defeat the Human Trafficking threat
  • not engaging ourselves in any victim services or counselling aspect of HT,  but direct any such requirements to trained professionals.
Our Vision

To have our community of Dufferin Caledon, defined by our provincial and federal riding, free of and safeguarded against Human Trafficking.

Our Methods

We seek to carry out our mission through:

  • Speaking and presenting to groups, creating and maintaining digital information for social media and a website, maintaining and distributing written information
  • Working to support the trained professional organizations and staff who address the deeper problems of human trafficking, keeping aware of current happenings in our area related to human trafficking, recognizing the most vulnerable population in our area in order to alert others to the needs of those individuals.