Family Technology Contract

One major conflict in your family is probably technology. Unlimited and unstructured use often results in children being disconnected from their thoughts and feelings, making it more difficult for them to connect with others.

Clearly stated limits around technology use ensures there is no confusion over expectations. A family contract can help with that. The following can be used as a guide to create an individualized contract for your family.


Cyber Safety image of person in front of computers

Parents: Things to Remember

  • This contract will be more effective if you collaborate with your children when creating it. Let them provide suggestions and brainstorm with you.
  • For this to work you should model good behavior. They are studying you, use technology in moderation.
  • Children will not police themselves, they will take this contract as serious as you do.
  • Educate yourself on apps before you allow them to be downloaded.
  • You can control what apps your children download and ensure they don’t have ghost or hidden apps.
  • Have ongoing conversations about technology and social media. Encourage your children to come to you if something negative does happen online. Remain calm and reward their honesty.
  • You are legally and financially responsible for you children’s behaviors. It would benefit you to understand the laws in your state applying to technology misuse/abuse.